Cyber Residency Programs

Earn While You Learn.

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Real Pay for Real-World Experience

Get paid to gain skills on a learning path that is an actual job! Our Cyber Residency Programs allow you to benefit from on-the-job training in addition to classroom instruction. A cyber resident is paid to learn a set of skills and often stays on through the end of the program to work a full-time job. Cyber residents receive wages when they begin, which increase as they reach certain skill benchmarks.

Advantages of a cyber residency

  • Improved skills that meet workforce needs.
  • Make money while receiving on-the-job training.
  • Relevant experience in high-needs fields.
  • Steady wage increases as skills improve.

Choose Your Learning Path

No two people are the same. Why should their education be? Choose a path of learning that fits your life.

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Build experience as a student or recent graduate with internships relevant to your field of study.
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Learn new skills or master a field you already know with cost-effective, convenient certificate programs.
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Cyber Residencies

Earn real wages and gain practical skills outside of the classroom in a blended learning experience.
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Tech/Assoc. Degrees

Choose from a wide range of courses and programs where you’ll learn skills tailored to fit a high-demand job market.
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Dual Credit Classes

Get a head start! Dual credit classes enable high school students to earn college credit before they step foot on campus.
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Bachelor’s Degrees

This isn't your grandparents’ college classroom. Now you can get your degree on-campus, online, or a bit of both.
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