Baccalaureate Degrees

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Baccalaureate Degrees

Network and security administrators keep the network up and running—and secure. System administration today changes much faster than typical textbook and coursework certifications. That’s why we have a nimble, hands-on approach at DSU. When you study network and security administration (offered on campus and online) at DSU, you’ll be ready.

DSU Network and Security Administration

Because data breaches, malware infections, and software vulnerabilities are so common in today’s technology world, it is critical to fully understand how these attacks take place. As a cyber operations major (offered on campus and online), you will dig deep to understand the mentality, motivations, and techniques of the hackers that execute these types of attacks.

You will start with a strong base of programming, math, and networking and then apply that knowledge to the most technical areas of cyber security. At the core of the degree, you learn how reverse engineering works, analyze malware and exploit software. You will better understand the hacker mindset and be able to discover vulnerabilities in widespread computer systems.

DSU Cyber Operations