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Am I a Fit for SDPaSS?

The 21st century requires workers to be adept problem solvers, critical thinkers, and digital natives. Thanks to the explosion of the internet, information moves and change happens faster than ever. The job market today is vastly different than the one our parents entered and will change even more in the future.  Are you ready for a career in the tech-driven economy of tomorrow? If not, it’s never too late to start.

SDPaSS learning paths aren’t just for recent high school graduates and online students. They’re a tool for anyone looking to elevate their skills or try something new. It’s flexible workforce development where the pace or program is determined entirely by the learner. Students can enter, leave, or take a break whenever they choose. Take matters into your own hands and give SDPaSS a try—your path, your career, and your future are waiting.

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No two people are the same. Why should their education be? Choose a path of learning that fits your life.

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Build experience as a student or recent graduate with internships relevant to your field of study.
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Learn new skills or master a field you already know with cost-effective, convenient certificate programs.
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Cyber Residencies

Earn real wages and gain practical skills outside of the classroom in a blended learning experience.
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Tech/Assoc. Degrees

Choose from a wide range of courses and programs where you’ll learn skills tailored to fit a high-demand job market.
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Dual Credit Classes

Get a head start! Dual credit classes enable high school students to earn college credit before they step foot on campus.
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Bachelor’s Degrees

This isn't your grandparents’ college classroom. Now you can get your degree on-campus, online, or a bit of both.
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